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36 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

36 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

36 reasons to start blogging

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Blogging has been outbursting over the past decade and will continue to grow yearly no matter what. 

Blogging has been outbursting over the past decade and will continue to grow yearly no matter what.  Click To Tweet

Almost everyone has a smartphone or a laptop in which they can connect anywhere in the world. If we were to say this 20 years ago, nobody would have believed that this was even possible.

A new specialty called “influencer” has brought a new paradigm of internet marketing that is on the rise. Millennials and Generation Z indeed has more advantage in this era, but everyone can become part of it no matter their age.

Businesses are changing their strategies to have a more intimate connection with the customer through the help of an influencer. In exchange for this, influencers (also including bloggers) finds a way to promote the businesses’ product to the audience. 

As a new form of media such as videos is rising; still, there are many people who believe that blogging (mostly a written form) is outdated. However, blogging is one of the greatest ways to grow online.

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36 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

Why is blogging so good?

Bloggers have an advantage to possibly write any content they want and share their stories without needing any advanced techniques. And they are free to do it whenever they wish.

So, who can become a blogger?

In school, most of us had the opportunity to write. Writing for academic essays or job resumes, and so forth. We all know how to write in some ways. 

But not many people understand that writing is a strength that they can utilize to make something bigger.

Although we are in the first stage of our blogging, we genuinely believe that our writings will sooner or later help people find the strengths that they have internally.

And don’t get us wrong. No one is perfect. We are just the same people as the reader who are reading this post. We did not graduate with a professional writing degree. But our eagerness to start a blog to help people became so strong that we voluntarily used our time to learn online marketing and content writing.

There are literally thousands of free courses online where anyone can learn how to become a good writer. There is no secret sauce to this. Eventually, soon to be bloggers, will have to find their way to express their thoughts into words that influences people to take action. Well, this may be the reason why we call “influencers.”

So, why are people so obsessed about becoming a blogger? You’ll soon figure out the benefits you can reap when you read the rest of the article.

Here are the lists of why you should start blogging today:

1. You’ll find a new way to express your thoughts.

There are many ways in which you can express your thoughts. It can be through writing, drawing, acting, showing, and more. New mediums are rising, and there will be almost unlimited ways you can express it. 

However, writing is one of the best ways in which you express your thoughts. With written content, you can display any thoughts or ideas that come into your mind. By capturing your imaginations into words, you can express your thoughts in an organized matter. 

Although we all use the same words, we can arrange these words into our own and make it an original piece. The combination of words in writing allows readers to imagine the thoughts that you have into the reader’s world. 

By allowing your thoughts to be expressed in someone else’s mind will burst new exploration and creativity. New ideas can form with this interaction, and you’ll see the dramatic result due to your writing.

2. You can potentially share your ideas with the world.

With the written content, you can use a blog or a website to share your ideas. As websites are run by hosting companies, it is available 24/7 anywhere in the world. 

Anyone willing to read your ideas can do so if they have internet access.

You can write a post and share it on your social media or wait for your posts to gain organic traffics over time. 

As anyone can read your ideas, you can share your ideas with the rest of the world in a matter of time.

3. You’ll be more confident with blogging.

The more you blog, the better you will get. And the better you get in blogging will allow you to be more confident with your work.

We remember when we first started our blog and had no idea what we were doing. But over time, we continued our work no matter how bad it seemed. As time progresses, more and more people were interested in our work, which allowed us to start our very own lifestyle blog here at

When you focus on something, you will eventually find yourself trying to learn and get better. And just by starting, remember that you are 90% ahead of most of the people who haven’t start.

4. Blogging can potentially lead to a full-time income.

It takes some time for your blog to increase traffic. Once it does, a whole new world will open. From simple advertisement posts to affiliate income, there are countless ways in which you can monetize your blog for additional income.

If we see famous bloggers like Neil Patel or Pat Flynn, we can learn that it also took them years to have a full-time income. But it is undoubtedly worth it. Those several years of dedication can lead to life-time freedom.

5. You’ll find new ideas along the way.

Once you start writing on your blog, you will slowly spark new ideas. If you have issues finding content ideas, you can always search on the way. There are search engines, social media, other people’s blogs for more creative ideas.

6. You can use it as a resume.

There is nothing better than having your blog as a resume. If you have established a well-made blog, you have already shown your skillset of writing to a potential employer. 

You will then realize that you have been far ahead among your peers that you will be thankful that you’ve started.

7. It’s a great experience overall.

Words cannot say. With blogging, you will see your lifestyle change over time — in a positive way. The feeling of fulfillment after posting a blog post is sensational.

Similar to how people use the journal to write down their thoughts of the day. Blogging can be an alternative journal for you. More people will sync with your experience through time and give you great feedback that you can learn and improve.

8. You’ll find people you’ve never expected.

The blogging community is a great way to meet people all around the world. You will interact with like-minded individuals as well as people you always wanted to meet. 

Through collaboration and conversation with people, you will share similar and different traits and learn more about others as they would do to you.

Working with others is an excellent method to find potential business partners that you can work towards the same or related goal. 

9. You become a constant learner.

Blogging does make you smarter. It’s because you will have to research the topics that you write. When we do our research, we learn more things that we expect. Having to write about the content that you’ve researched will not only help you remember, but it will also help you comprehend the subject more deeply so that you can always have the information ready when you need it.

The more blog posts you write, the better you will be at learning new things. And this will help you become a quicker adapter to anything literally in life. 

10. You get to learn more advanced techniques.

When you start blogging, many factors need to be considered, such as content marketing, email marketing, paid advertisement, SEO, social media marketing, and more. 

If you become dedicated to blogging, you will find and learn more about these topics and help you become a better online marketer. A continuous cycle of getting these topics will allow you to be more comprehensive when it comes to online marketing. 

With this skill set, you can use it in many ways. You can use it to grow your blog or help others who need help in their business. 

Online marketing is essential in current times, and once you learn it in advance, you will be able to utilize it as much as possible.

11. It’s one of the trendiest marketing.

We’ve been doing marketing for the past four years. But, blogging is ideally the best way to make a conversion on the internet. Although videos have a high conversion rate in marketing, blogging with excellent contents, have great strength in convincing people to commit. 

That is why many people are still willing to start their own blog. And it is also the reason why we recommend you to start blogging.

In business, selling creates revenue. And with that revenue, the business can reinvest and grow the business. To sell something online, you need content that conveys the reader to make the purchase. And the blog is a medium that allows making this happen.

If we see all advertisement links on the internet, we end up on a landing page. And a landing page is where it showcases the product in detail, along with real reviews. This form of marketing is essential to all businesses, whether it is online or offline based. 

Bloggers can take advantage of this emerging market as they have great strength in writing online. With great articles and copywriting skill set, it’s just a matter of time to create a well-created landing page for you to sell the product or service. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your product, but you can also sell other company’s products via affiliate marketing.

12. It creates a new opportunity.

Opportunities consistently come up when you are blogging. You learn new ways to promote your articles, and new ways to improve your writings. Updating and promoting the blog post will then lead you to more opportunities for advertisements as more people read your content.

More advertisement opportunity brings you additional income that will continue the positive cycle over and over again.

13. You’ll find the need to be writing. 

It becomes your habit to write. No one in the world can do good at something from the start. When you continue your writing, it will become your habit, and once you realize that you are good at it, it will motivate you to do more. 

And with writing, you can share your thoughts without having to say it repetitively. This was the biggest advantage that we had when we started out blogging.

It’s because you do not have to introduce yourself every time you meet someone. You can briefly talk and give them a chance to read your blog post later on. Although you won’t be able to know others fully, they will, however, know you more by reading the articles you’ve posted. And this is definitely a positive thing. 

14. You can use time effectively.

In order to write quality content, you will learn that you need to give yourself some time. A well-written post does not appear immediately. 

When you know that it requires you to do the writing, you will unconsciously find time to allow yourself to write. This will enable you to distribute the times you work and the time you take rest, giving a well-balanced lifestyle.

If you work 9 to 5, then you will use the time in between to do the writing. Or you may replace the time of watching tv to write instead — and this is a positive change that many people don’t know about.

15. You can start your own business.

Having to start a blog is the same as starting your own business. If you’ve ever created a business in the past (any kind of business), you understand that it is difficult. However, the benefits that you can reap are dramatic.

If a brick-or-motor business is a high risk high return business, blogging is a low risk high return business. 

You get to control all the factors that run your business, and you can manage all of the parts in your own term. 

If you have always wanted to start a business someday, blogging is an excellent way to jump-start your own personal business.

16. You can improve your writing skills.

Many people believe that blogging requires a certain skill set. The good news is that it does not. As long as you can write like a 7th-grade level, anyone can participate in blogging.

Fun fact: Did you know that your content readability score improves if you use easier words? 

Yes, it’s true. Not many people want to struggle reading with difficult words in the article unless they are looking up for research papers. 

Great blogs are easy to read and understand. If you come to a stage where you can explain a complex idea with simple wording, then you sure know what you are writing. Most of the time, bloggers who write it challenging to understand are likely struggling to understand the topic themself.

17. It allows you to create a system in your life.

You cannot change the person, but you can change the system.

If you work on a blog consistently, you will somehow come up with your own system that works for you. This system may not work for everyone, but with some time given, it can be modified and be used for others too. 

This is essentially the reason why I started this blog — to create a system that works so that many people can benefit from it.

Once you have the system running, you will most likely have a repetitive task that is done on a daily basis. The fact that you have a system is a good sign that you are on the right track. 

Systems can be modified over time by adding or subtracting tasks, and it will get better with some automation. It’s how the most successful business works.

18. Become greater at online marketing.

Online marketing can sound very broad. But, learning to advertise the blog will help you learn online marketing eventually. As mentioned above, you will undoubtedly have to try out many different strategies. With these strategies, you will learn the pros and cons of online marketing and find the best way you can utilize it.

Good news is that you do not have to face the failures for yourself. There are many informative articles online that shows you the right path to online marketing success.

19. You’ll be better at selecting photos.

Selecting a photo for the blog post is what all bloggers do. We make sure to find an image that fits the article the best. 

With consistent work, you will be able to choose the best photos that work the best. The more you are exposed to visualization, the better you will be at selecting great photos — also in everyday life.

20. You can become famous. aka: Internet Celebrity

When your blog gets a lot of impressions over time, it’s a fact that many people will recognize you. You do not necessarily have to show your identity to be famous, because you can be identified just by your blog name/username.

If you become well known in a certain niche over time, people will have more trust with you as you’ve gained many trusts from that niche.

You never know what fame can lead you. One day you might be a special guest at Joe Rogan’s podcast show.

21. You can share your life with your friends and family members.

This can be in two ways. One in which your friends and family read your blog post regularly. Or you can spend more time with them. 

You do not have to tell how you’ve been to your friends and family because they already know what’s going on. By sharing your blog publicly, people will get to know you and understand you better than ever.

22. You’ll always have time to construct your day.

Being your boss sounds incredible, right? The best thing about running your own business is that you can construct your day as you want.

If you like to do certain things, you can invest more time in that hobby. No one will restrain you from doing what you love to do. 

Reaching this freedom is all blogger’s dream. 

23. Allow you to wake up in the morning without an alarm clock.

Being a full-time blogger allows you to work anytime and anywhere, which means that you do not have to wake up at a certain time of the day.

If you’ve been tired of waking up with an alarm clock every morning, this will be a paradise for you. 

24. Be able to speak with anyone.

If you start blogging, you will be aware of what’s going on in the world. From blogging to politics, you will have a wide range of knowledge in every aspect of life. 

Having to know more is great because you get to talk about a variety of topics and come up with relevant real-life examples when you speak with someone. 

25. Get better at time-management.

Blogging allows you to manage your time more wisely. If you start a blog and have the desire to grow, you will spare a certain amount of time every day to do the following tasks. This eventually will lead you to manage your time. 

Having a better time-management gives your advantage in life. You can invest your time on things that matter the most than to waste it. 

Money can be earned anytime, but time cannot be restored. If you get to use your time more wisely with the help of blogging, then you will have achieved one of the significant achievements in life.

26. Create a platform that lasts long-term.

If you create a platform that lasts long-term, then you are set in the modern era. All major companies these days are platform based such as Uber, Netflix, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. 

Platforms are the new trend in today’s world, and having a blog is part of creating a platform. 

Having to rely on a certain platform is like renting, but hosting your blog is a separate property that only you can manage and adjust. This gives you more freedom on how you can manage your platform.

27. Allows stress-relief and consistent dopamine hit.

Dopamines are the chemical elements in our brain that allow people to certain things. The instant gratification that you receive in the short term (which can be a feeling of fulfillment) are the motivation that will enable people to check their phones consistently or get addicted to gaming.

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But, if you modify the dopamine into good use — such as having a dopamine hit when you publish your article, or see growth in your views will result in a positive cycle that will last. 

Blogging is an excellent way to relieve stress as you can write down your overwhelming thoughts and stressful feelings into words that you can share with the readers. 

28. Help people improve their lives.

Google is now updating its algorithms to rank helpful content on the top of the search ranking. This means that Google wants to provide articles that help searchers find the solution to their problems. 

More in-depth articles (like this) will rank higher on Google as it helps people solve their issues. 

For instance, this article is about helping people start blogging. This means that people who search for an exact phrase or synonym, such as “why should I start blogging,” will see the post and get new insights. 

Although businesses intend to earn a profit, it is also helping people in return. And good companies always creates a win-win situation for both ways.

29. You can be different from your peers.

Do you have a friend who always had a great idea but never start? I’d assume that you are tired of thinking than actually taking actions.

Most successful individuals have done things that people say it’s not possible. If you want to differentiate yourself with your peers and go one step further, your next step is to start blogging. 

Having the blog will differentiate you from the majority of the people as most people only think about blogging, rather than starting.

Maybe you might be the next person to share your insights on why people should start blogging.

30. It allows you to save more money.

There are two ways to have more money: use less money or earn more money. 

If you choose to use less, then you will only have the same income that you already do. However, if you decide to blog, then you can potentially earn additional side income — which is to earn more.

If you earn more than current income and maintain your spending habit, you will have more money than right now.

With the additional income, you can choose to spend more, but I’d highly recommend you to reinvest in your blogging business for higher growth!

31. You can give back to society.

With more earnings from blogging, you can choose do give a donation and help society.

During difficult times, we should not take a grant of the essential things that we have in our life. Many people around the globe are struggling with basic needs.

It’s always a good idea to help others when you earn more.

32. Have high rankings on Google.

Ranking high on Google is very hard. It takes great effort and time. 

If you do rank on the first page of Google, it’s undoubtedly something to celebrate. 

Whereas some people may see it only as demanding, you can choose to see this as a game where you need to do certain tasks to rank on Google. By doing this, you can continue blogging with enjoyment rather than stressful work.

33. You can write a book. Or an ebook.

With more article quantities, you will soon notice that you have a lot of stacked content. This means that you can create it into a book for publication.

As you learn through your blogging career, you will have above-average knowledge of a topic that reaches higher than 80% of the population.

The more you know and write, the better chance that you will also become an author, not just an ordinary blogger.

34. You can start an online course.

With some in-depth content, you will be able to teach others through online courses. 

The good news is that more people are now using online courses as their primary education resource. Even top league universities have their online courses on their website for anyone to join and learn.

The Internet has allowed anyone to participate in the journey to learning potentially anything. With your knowledge and skill set of teaching, you, too, can create your online course. 

Online courses can be monetized within your blog, or 3rd party platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, and more. You can find a bunch of online course platforms from here.  

35. Feel the snowball effect.

By now, I will assume that you are eager to start. But don’t get too ahead because it will still require some time.

The great thing about blogging is that it grows exponentially over time — like the snowball effect. 

If you set up your blog and write an awesome blog post like this, you will soon get more visitors to your website. Over the long run, the posts will bring in tremendous amounts of visitors that will motivate you to continue your blogging journey.

36. You will have all the tools needed to start now.

If you search “how to start a blog,” then you will see overwhelming numbers of articles. Most of the pieces are great to read and start if you are a beginner. There are step-by-step guides that can help you start your blogging with ease. 

And as there are more tools and platforms you can use, it is one of the best times in history to start blogging. All you need is a laptop and internet. 

Most blogging tools are web-based and do not require set specifications. As long as you have the time and dedication, then you are set to go immediately.

For instance, we recommend you to use Grammarly as the first writing tool to help you write better. It’s a tool that helps writers with grammar and spell checks.

Whew! That took us a very long time to list out the reasons to blog.

Sounds too good to be true? That’s correct. 

But why are people restraining themselves from starting? It’s because they do not understand the true benefit of blogging. And also, it takes consistent time and effort to reach a certain level — which is a turn down to people who are only seeking instant gratification.

Like all things in life, everything takes time to improve and settle. There are no jobs that can make you a millionaire overnight. 

If we see all the successful individuals, we can see that they’ve had their difficult time along the way. It’s that struggle that makes us a better individual. We can later resonate with the past and say it was worth the time. If everyone were to understand this before they start, they’d eventually reach success in a matter of time.


As a result of all the reasons above, the best time to start blogging is right now. As more time progresses, it just becomes more difficult as we think deeper into ways to make our blogging to be “perfect,” rather than just starting out as a mediocre. 

We don’t mean to say that starting perfect is a good option, but it will give ourselves higher expectations that we cannot reach. Delaying the work will only cause more barriers to begin the work and will push ourselves backward instead.

On the other hand, we are very grateful that we can share this content with the readers as we genuinely believe that anyone can become a successful blogger. 

As we established this blog to help people, we will be looking forward to sharing more insightful subjects about blogging and internet marketing over time. Stay tuned to learn more resourceful content that can help you become a better blogger. 

We’d love to hear what you think about this blog post. If you have any questions, please feel free to write us a comment below so that we can answer. 

Did you get the motivation to start blogging today? 

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