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4 Steps To Take For Healthier Skin Care For Women

4 Steps To Take For Healthier Skin Care For Women

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“I regret taking such good care of my skin” – said no one ever.

We women are super conscious about our skin. Our skin, particularly facial skin is the crown jewel of our image and outward appearance. Although critics may consider the hype around skincare as superficial, having good skin can actually make us feel good about ourselves. More than making a good impression on others, good skin can do wonders for our self-confidence and self-esteem. Being high on these characteristics can eventually help us succeed and who doesn’t want that?

According to Business Wire, the skincare market “is poised to grow by USD 38.03 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 5% during the forecast period.

Looks like people are surely taking good care of their skin! The global skincare market is slated to generate revenue of over USD 137 billion by the year 2021 “owing to increasing product innovation and product line extensions” (TechNavio, 2020).

Market research reveals that the trending skin concerns include acne, ageing, age spots and pigmentation. Beauty brands are thus constantly inventing and innovating products targeted at addressing these very concerns. The skin industry is obviously booming and there is no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for no matter what your skin concern.

However, we would like to warn you about becoming overly obsessed with skincare. Taking good care of your skin doesn’t mean you become addicted to buying skincare products and experimenting with them on the skin constantly.

This can do more harm than good. The key is to stick to a basic skin regime that includes the process of cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing to keep skin healthy. So, here we list out some good quality products that you can use for each step of your skincare regime. These products will keep your skin looking great no matter what your skin type. 

1. Cleanse

Facial Cleanser

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Cleanser with Pineapple Enzyme is the perfect beginning to your skincare ritual which should ideally begin with a cleanser. This cleanser won’t disappoint you no matter what your skin type. With its floral and fruity ingredients like pineapple and passionflower that cleanse gently and thoroughly, radiant skin is what you get.

Cleansing Milk

If you have had a long day and your skin has fallen victim to pollution. Grime and dirt then your skin needs that little something extra. Try Eminence Organic Skincare Rice milk 3 in 1 which has the power to reduce the size of pores, boost collagen in your skin to make it look younger and plump. The infusion of witch hazel prevents any inflammation of the skin. Cleansing milk is to be slathered all over your face and then to be wiped with cotton or a face sponge. Your skin will be squeaky clean in no time.

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2. Scrub

Teami Matcha Green Tea Face Scrub with Lemongrass will gently cleanse your skin revealing fresh skin and a youthful look overall. Purge your face of impurities while scrubbing gently and without drying overly with the cleansing and detoxifying properties of matcha tea and lemongrass.

3. Tone

After all that that rub-a-dub-dub, your skin needs something to calm it down. A cooling toner will close your skin’s pores left open by the cleansing process. This is important to prevent other impurities from entering your skin’s pores and tightening the skin as well. A toner like Fleur and Bee’s Rose Water will leave your skin refreshed and relaxed. It’s free of alcohol, sulfates, parabens, etc. in case you’re a fan of clean beauty.

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4. Moisturize

It is often assumed that only dry and ageing skin needs moisturization. This assumption couldn’t be more wrong. All skin types need their fair share of moisturization. Over moisturization can make your skin too oily and break out into acne. On the other hand, skin that’s too dry will break and tear giving rise to other problems. So get the balance of moisture right. Try Bliss Ex-glow-sion Super Rich Face Moisturizer to supercharge your skin with ingredients like African Shea Butter, Vitamin C, Pro-vitamin B5, stimulate its natural moisture and prevent dryness. Get a healthy and even complexion you’ve been craving.

The Serum

Serums are generally used just before moisturizing. Although this step was missing from the skin ritual earlier, it is a newly launched trend that is fast catching up with women. Aimed particularly at giving aging skin a much-needed boost, serums are packed with antioxidants like Vitamins C and E for example. Check out Andalou Naturals Turmeric + C Enlighten Face Serum with the goodness of vitamin C that helps fight sun damage and enhanced the brightness and vitality of your skin.


Often touted as the elixir of youth, sunscreen is to be worn whenever you’re out and about. The higher the Sun Protection Formula or SPF, the more effective your sunscreen and the higher the protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun that lead to skin darkening, uneven skin tone and premature skin aging. According to MedAlertHelp, sunscreen can prevent skin cancer. Keep Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Lotion handy at the beach or when you’re going for a stroll in the park. Apply it on your moisturizer for maximum protection.

However, skincare products can take you only this far. Your skincare regime must be complemented by healthy lifestyle changes like:

  • Positive self-image: Good skin is a part of overall health. This includes mental health as well. When we hold ourselves in high regard, it automatically shows on our face and skin. Self-love and a positive self-image
  • Healthy diet: Consume fresh fruits, veggies, yogurt, flax seeds and other skin-nourishing foods that fight signs of aging and give your skin its supply of essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • Being happy and cheerful: do things that make you happy and give peace to your mind. Take up a hobby like indoor gardening or a dance. 
  • Exercise: When we sweat it out at the gym or during a power yoga session, our heart rate goes up thus improving blood circulation which brings the skin oxygen and other nutrients. The result is the production of newer skin cells giving your skin a healthy glow and slowing down aging.

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The skincare market has no dearth of products and it can be overwhelming for anyone looking to choose the right products. Facewashes, serums and the never-ending list of products are not the only answer to good skin. Sometimes less is more so invest in products that suit your skin and try to adhere to them for long. If they work, don’t change them often. Most of all, stay healthy and happy, exercise, eat right and see your skin glow!

Facewashes, serums and the never-ending list of products are not the only answer to good skin. Sometimes less is more so invest in products that suit your skin and try to adhere to them for long. Click To Tweet
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  • Very well written and useful post. Great skin was a real confidence booster for me. I used to have acne all the time, now it’s just hormonal and my skin is looking real good ever since I started paying attention to it. I have never use serums before though, maybe I’ll give them a try.
    One thing that I can say though is spending money on quality skin care products for your skin type is well worth it.

    • Yes, definitely! I’m glad that you have resolved acne! I do have acne and I am doing to fix this issue. Anyways thank you for sharing your story! I’m glad that it can relate.

  • Hey thanks for this post- this is just what I needed at the moment as I’ve been having trouble finding good skin care products! (I have patchy eczema showing up at the moment for some reason) so out of curiosity, are these ads and affiliates or are these your own recommendations? I feel like every one is offering some different one for some different reason and whilst I still haven’t find my go to cosmetics yet I’m really trying my best to find the products without spending loads of unnecessary amounts of wasted money!!! (Sorry for the long post- the bad skin is definitely affecting my mood)!

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment. The products that we’ve recommended are purely based on our research and it is an affiliate link (in order to sustain the website with good quality contents ongoing). I hope that the recommendation helps because we did put a lot of time researching the product for the best quality.

  • I always enjoy my skincare routine, particularly on an evening. It’s like my own daily pampering! I started focusing on anti-aging products a few years ago, as I’m in my late 30’s now. I don’t overload my skin with products but I am guilty of changing them up every so often.

  • I always feel like there is information to learn about skin care! I recently started incorporating a serum into my routine and am on the hunt for a new sunscreen. I was surprised to learn sunscreen is also necessary indoors if in front of a computer all day! Thanks for sharing

    • That’s true! There is much information that is unknown to the public. We will try to update with more information about skincare in the near future!

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