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6 Ways To Wake Up Early And Supercharge Your Mornings

6 Ways To Wake Up Early And Supercharge Your Mornings

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Some are pros at it and some of us suck at it. We are talking about the most dreaded exercise of the day — waking up in the morning! We hear you. No matter how many resolutions we make, no matter how many promises we make, waking up early can be a challenge. Making it a habit requires a lot of patience and persistence.

Waking up early can be difficult for many people for a variety of reasons. Some are plain lazy, some go to bed really late, some are on their phones for too long, etc. and refuse to change. Let us tell you that not waking up early, you are actually losing out on a lot of healthy benefits:

What You Lose When You Wake Up Late:

1. Time for breakfast

Eat breakfast like a king, it’s commonly said. But if you don’t get up on time, you may just have to settle for very little or nothing because waking up late doesn’t leave much time to consume a wholesome and healthy breakfast. Eating a good breakfast keeps us full longer and cuts down on several calories we consume throughout the day. It also improves focus and reduces irritability.

2. Exercise or Workout

Waking up early say by 6 a.m. gives us time to practice yoga, do meditation, go for walk, jog or run. Exercise is an integral part of good health. Not getting any exercise over a long period of time can result in several health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, a polycystic ovarian syndrome in women, etc. Also, working out in the morning helps burn more calories than in the evenings.

3. Catch up on the news

This may sound really old-fashioned considering now we have access to the news all day, every day but reading the news in the morning is a good idea. When we read something in the morning with a fresh mind, we absorb content and process it better. It’s useful to be updated about the latest happenings; reading the news also helps improve vocabulary and communication skills.

4. Read or listen to motivational content

There is no dearth of motivational content online and offline. Tune in to an inspirational podcast or read a couple of pages from a book on self-improvement or motivating yourself. Beginning your day with a mind that is charged with positivity and motivation will result in a productive and happy day.

Overall, waking up early in the morning boosts health and increases productivity. It supercharges us for the entire day leaving room for relaxation, recreation and self-development. Just think how much you are missing out on by not waking up early. But, it’s never late to change our ways for the better. Let’s explore 6 easy peasy ways to wake up early:

6 Ways to Wake Up Easily

1. Have an early and light dinner

Please don’t stretch your dinner time to just a little before you go to bed. This will result in acidity and heaviness because food needs time to digest. The key is to have a light dinner and have it early (around 7 p.m. is ideal). Essentially, a gap of three hours is necessary because a late heavy meal leads to more drowsiness and makes it difficult for you to kickstart your mornings. It also leads to weight gain.

2. Turn in early

It’s simple. You sleep early and wake up early. However, not everyone is an early sleeper. Some people need to read for an hour before going to bed, others watch the television, others go for a long walk, etc. Doing all these things beforehand can allow you to crash early. So rework your schedule. Catch up on your reading and exercise in the mornings; keep television for the evenings. 

3. Stay away from gadgets and devices

The blue light emitting from our mobile phones, tablets, and phones is detrimental to our sleeping patterns. The majority of people have access to mobile phones and social media. Incessantly scrolling through feeds and chatting on WhatsApp has become a daily norm especially before going to sleep. If you are doing this on a daily basis, cut it out! Stay away from devices at least 2 hours prior to hitting the sack. Instead, turn on some music or read a magazine to help you relax and unwind.

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4. No caffeine

Consuming tea or coffee right before going to sleep, in case you’re working late or craving a hot drink, is a bad idea. Caffeine is a substance that keeps us awake. Having it right before going to bed will do exactly that – keep you awake. This means you’ll sleep late and wake up late. Drink a glass of water if you find yourself craving something to drink. It’ll help you sleep better.

5. Make room for sunlight

Our body’s circadian rhythm reacts to light. When we detect light, our brains are automatically alerted to tell us to rise and shine. If you are struggling to wake up early even with an alarm, keep your bedroom’s window or curtain open enough to let sunlight in the morning. This will distract you and wake you up.

6. Keep the alarm at a distance

Everybody has an alarm clock story. Our relationship with our alarm clocks is complicated. When they ring we hit snooze and when they don’t we blame them for making us late. Keeping your alarm device right next to you is a bad idea. It is an easy trap to get late because we simply hit the snooze button multiple times or turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. Make sure you keep your alarm several feet away from you or preferably not in your bedroom but ensure you can hear it clearly. This way you’ll hear the alarm, get up and walk up to it. This action will trick your body into believing it’s time to wake up and chances are you won’t go back to sleep. Next, splash your face with cold water. Voila! You’ll be fresh as morning dew.


Waking up early is a struggle for many. Due to hectic lifestyles and mental stress getting sleep is difficult. Furthermore, this makes waking up early nearly impossible. However, it must be remembered that waking up early has a ton of benefits to enhance the quality of our life by boosting health and productivity. We have mentioned some easy ways to help you wake and supercharge your body and mind. Make these a habit and reap the benefits of starting your day early. It will be a struggle at first but remember, no pain no gain!

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