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7 Signs You Are A Workaholic And How To Treat Workaholism

7 Signs You Are A Workaholic And How To Treat Workaholism

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7 Signs You Are A Workaholic And How To Treat Workaholism


“Work is worship” is an adage that is taken way too seriously and literally by many people. Work becomes so important for them that it is almost next to God and everything and everyone else takes a backseat. Workaholism is an extreme condition that can have serious effects on our mental and physical health, well-being including our relationships with family, friends, peers and loved ones. It’s good to be committed to doing your best at work but foolishness to make it your life. Having a liking for your job is necessary; you would never succeed in a job you dislike. However, if you find yourself obsessed with it, then you have a problem. In other words, you are a workaholic.

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Signs of Workaholism

1. You Don’t Take Breaks From Work

A workaholic will always find excuses to keep working because they love working! Workaholics particularly despise longer breaks because they think they are a waste of time; they would rather be working. So lunch breaks, coffee breaks, and even gossip breaks with co-workers are a big no-no. You will always find workaholics glued to their desks and screens.

2. They Come To Work Early And Leave Late

Workaholics are so obsessed with work, they ensure they come to the office at the earliest and leave as late as they can. 

3. Avoiding Friends And Family

If “I’m working” is their classic excuse to sneak out of family do’s and catching up with friends, this is a sure shot sign of workaholism. If the work is urgent, not turning up for social gatherings is understandable but choosing work over everything and everybody else is unreasonable and unfair. 

4. Workaholics Miss Work

Workaholics are deeply entwined with their job and work. They miss it to the point of becoming irritable and anxious on weekends and holidays. If they can work during holidays, they do that do. They constantly keep thinking about what they could have done or achieved if they were at work.

5. Work Is All They Talk About

Whether workaholics are out for a drink with a friend, spending time with family, or on a date, they always talk about work. This will only lead to lead to loneliness because people will distance themselves from a person who constantly talks about work and doesn’t engage in anything else.

6. Make Work An Excuse

Workaholics use work and workaholism as a shield to hide behind; they use it as a cover and protection when they don’t want to face the reality or admit they are wrong. Their philosophy is “blame it on work!” For example, if they are not taking the responsibility of doing their share of errands, they blame work for taking up too much of their time. The truth is that they avoid errands out of boredom, rely on others, and/or take others for granted.

7. Unhappiness

No matter how happy or busy a workaholic appears, the truth is that deep within they are very unhappy people. Working constantly does not mean you are doing the right thing; it also doesn’t mean you are hard-working and productive.

Workaholism stems from unresolved personal and emotional issues. Some people use work to get over a broken relationship for example. However, this can only last so long. What will a workaholic do if and when they lose their job? This will spell disaster and bring more emptiness into their lives. 

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How To Control Workaholism

Workaholism can have serious effects on our health, personality, and quality of life. By shunning out other life aspects, workaholics do more damage than good. One must aim to live a full life and being a workaholic will only hamper this ambition. Thus it is imperative to control workaholism before it gets out of control. Let’s get to know some ways how this can be achieved:

  • Have a life outside work: Working is good, workaholism is not. Learn to differentiate between the two and you’ll be a happier person. It is absolutely necessary to have a life outside the office. We are people, not robots. Meet friends, watch a movie, make time for family, focus on fitness – do yoga or go swimming, invest in relationships, etc. The world has so much to offer so don’t invest all your time in work. You will only end up being unhappy.
  • Quit relying on work for emotional cover: It is often said that one must get ‘busy’ to get over an emotional issue, mishap, or personal tragedy. While keeping yourself busy is a good thing, simply focusing on work to be busy is not. Everyone needs a healthy balance in their lives. Don’t make work the only instrument to help you deal with emotional stress. Take up a hobby instead, learn something new, work for a good cause, and spend time with friends and family.
  • Take breaks at work: Taking breaks at work is the best thing you can do for yourself – your mental and physical health. Get into the habit of taking short breaks to refresh yourself, get a cup of coffee, take a short walk, do stretches, or catch up with colleagues in the break room. Begin by taking a couple of breaks and then gradually progress to more if required.


Loving what you do is great. If you love your work and enjoy it, it is a blessing. It is important to be sincere and dedicated to everything we do. However, when work starts taking over our lives and personalities, that’s a wake-up call.

Don’t let your work define you. Workaholism is an unhealthy obsession with work. Some people may take pride in calling themselves workaholics. However, being a workaholic is and can be a real problem. If not controlled, it can take over our lives destroying everything we hold dear.

Giving all our time to your work leaves no scope for us to develop and nurture other more important aspects of our lives viz. friends, family, hobbies, relationships, exercise, etc. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is what the main goal must be. If you are suffering from workaholism, seek help now or start making the changes you need for a fuller and happier life.

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