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8 Ways To Overcome Work From Home Laziness

8 Ways To Overcome Work From Home Laziness

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8 Ways To Overcome Work From Home Laziness

When we think of ‘home’ what comes to your mind? Sipping coffee in your comfy pajamas, or watching t.v. and gobbling down popcorn or ice cream or snoring away isn’t it?

However, with the current scenario, working from home has become a reality for millions of people all over the world as a preventive measure. For people already working from home for most of their lives, this shift in the way or working hasn’t changed much for them.

There is however one common in work from home experts and newbies — laziness! For people working from home, it is easy to fall into the trap of laziness when you are working from the comfort of your bedroom with your bed right next to your work desk, or sitting at your dining table and glancing at a bag of chips and being tempted to switch on the television and watch your favorite soap.

We share 8 ways to overcome laziness while working from home to help you achieve a fulfilling work from home experience.

1. Have A Serious Mindset 

If you are someone who is affected by the current pandemic and are working from home, think about how fortunate you are to ‘have’ a job. Close to 400 million people or more have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. Imagine what it would be like to not have the money to pay the rent for next month, utility bills, credit cards, groceries and essentials, etc. – it would be a nightmare. So, be grateful for having a livelihood and make the best of it. Have respect for your work and get serious about it.

2. Wake Up Early

The most successful people swear by this rule. They wake up early and make time to meditate, have a cup of tea, catch up on the news, read content that is relevant to their industry or area of work, etc. This adds value to their knowledge and skill set and also prepares them for the day. Adopt this healthy habit of waking up early and getting in some exercise, meditation or simply taking the time to ponder on your day’s tasks; making a plan, listing out goals and being excited about your day. 

3. Don’t Work In Your Bedroom 

Working from the bedroom is a bad idea if you want to have a productive work from home routine. Often when we work in the place where we relax, unwind and sleep, we end up doing exactly that! We are tempted to lie down on the bed and type, slack, slouch, and worse, sleep! Now you don’t want to miss your boss’s call or your Microsoft Teams meeting scheduled with your colleagues. So, get out of your bedroom and make use of your living room instead.

4. Get Organized

It’s very unlikely to come to work and find our desk unclean or messy. This is because there are people taking care of it. This won’t be the case in your office at home. When you are working from home, you are in charge and responsible. So, spruce up your workspace. Keep it clean and clutter free just as you’d like it in office and see what a difference it makes. If you keep your work space unclean and cluttered with soda cans, leftover food, coffee mugs and other clutter, you’ll feel like it! Wipe your desk clean, align your stuff neatly e.g. your mobile phone, pen, diary, sticky notes, etc in a proper manner. To feel you are at work, you have to look and act like it too.

5. Take Breaks

Take breaks to use the restroom, refresh yourself, finish a chapter of a book that inspires you. Avoid social media because it is very easy to get sucked into it and lose track of time; bad idea if you are working. If at all those notifications do tempt you, set an alarm on your phone or set a mental alarm. Tell yourself, I’m taking a 10 minute break to catch up on my social media updates and then it’s straight back to work! 

6. Ensure Discipline And Respect For Work

In addition to waking up early, decluttering your work space and setting reasonable time limits for breaks, learn to prioritize work. Many people have the perception that working from home is basically like chilling out but they couldn’t be more wrong. So, if you find someone asking you for favours or dropping in to pass their time, put your foot down and politely refuse. Set the right boundaries and ensure they are respected. Work is work, all you need is the right attitude and mindset.

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7. Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Goal

Each one of us are a work in progress towards several goals. Our jobs are a means to achieving ends like success, a good reputation, financial security, personal fulfillment, etc. When you are working from home and feel lazy and/or demotivated, remind yourself about your goals; remember why you started your journey.

8. Reward Yourself

Contrary to common belief, working from home is actually very difficult. It varies greatly from our office environment and has more distractions like the mailman, or an annoying neighbor, errands, pets, kids, etc. So, after a long day’s work, you deserve to be pampered — no we don’t mean the spa although that would be fantastic — but simple things like watching a movie after you’re done for the day, treating yourself to a giant sundae, or indulging in retail therapy, etc. 


Working from home is the new normal for billions of people by now. There are also several people who have worked from home for a very long time. Doing anything for a long period of time makes us lazy e.g. working — the long hours, answering emails, the monotony of work, etc. Laziness only causes delays and affects our work adversely.

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If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, you must work on achieving this. Whether you have worked from home for years or months, even weeks, it’s very easy to fall into the habit of becoming lazy. Thus it is important to follow certain rules and have the right attitude to get the best out of your work from home routine. 

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  • LOL…I don’t know, we did a 55-day full lockdown here in Paris and I felt my productivity slumping by the end. Badly. I started out with the energy of Caesar and ended up as decadent as Nero. I think it would have been better if I could have broken up the monotony with a walk or something outside the apartment, but that wasn’t really possible. I also dearly missed interacting with other people. Work is work, but it’s also a basic way to engage socially. When that’s gone, something’s lost. Zoom and Teams didn’t fill that void, either. For me, anyway, I prefer a distinct separation between my work world and my home world. You are right, this may be a new normal for many of us going forward, I just hope I’m not one of them.

  • These are some excellent tips that really do help keep us on the right track! It can be tough to stay disciplined when working from home. For me, the challenges are the ‘to do’ distractions. Suddenly I’m thinking about the laundry, needing to organize or clean, etc. When working from an outside office, these aren’t thought of during the typical work day so much.

    Taking our work seriously is important, and you’re right, it does help with staying focused on the task at hand. I loved what you said about being grateful too. You’re right, millions have lost everything right now. It’s tragic and we should remember how blessed we are! Dedication builds character.

    I think organization is a big one too. I’m one of those people who doesn’t work well when my desk or home office is all cluttered up with crap. It’s true, in my humble opinion, what they say about cluttered spaces equaling cluttered minds. Having a nice, fresh, clean slate both in our homes and our minds fuels creativity all the more.

    Thanks for a great article. You’ll help a lot of people avoid some work-from-home traps.

  • I’ve had to apply so many of these tips to have a structured work from home environment. Putting on real clothes, having a separate work environment, and getting in a routine has been so beneficial to me. If I want to get things I have to focus and go to my work space or else I’ll end watching tv or snacking all day

    • Having a schedule or a todo-list is important. I know that people may just delay it, but there needs to be some kind of a motivation that drives people to do certain tasks throughout the day.

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