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The Color Of Your Urine: What It’s Trying To Tell You

The Color Of Your Urine: What It’s Trying To Tell You

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Are you having a colored urine?

The word “urine” has many names: some of which sound really weird, some sound funny and others are totally out of this world. Pee, piss, pee-pee, shoo, soo, small job – the list is endless. This is how urine is referred to in many cultures.

Talking to babies especially makes parents come up with the strangest names for urine. A lot of people are embarrassed by it when there is absolutely no need to be. 

According to, “Urine is your body’s liquid waste. It is mostly made up of water but also includes salt and chemicals (urea and uric acid).” It is a perfectly natural process of the body and is necessary for optimal body functioning.

Urine is your body’s liquid waste. It is mostly made up of water but also includes salt and chemicals (urea and uric acid). Click To Tweet

In order to stay healthy, it is very important for our body to process waste in the form of stool and urine. If you sense something wrong in its color or texture, instead of being coy about it, take it seriously and consult a doctor. Urine infections are more common in women given the fact that women have shorter urethras than men and this enables bacteria to reach the urinary bladder more quickly.

The color, texture, and smell of our urine say a lot about our health. The experts at Urology Associates explain the different colors of urine and what they mean:

Different Colors of Urine:

Colorless or Transparent 

This indicates that your urinary tract is clean and free of problems. It also means that you are keeping yourself sufficiently hydrated which is a good thing! Drinking enough water is the first step to control urinary problems. However, too much water may also mean too many trips to the bathroom!

Cloudy or Foamy

Watch out if your urine changes the texture and looks cloudy and/or foamy. This is a warning sign for urinary tract infections (UTIs) and is caused by excess nutrients like protein so cut down on your red meat intake and eat more fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains and essentially try to have a balanced diet. Prolonged cloudy and foamy looking urine is also an indicator of serious kidney disease. 

Pale Yellow or Gold

Pale yellow to golden urine is ideal. It indicates that you’re in good health e.g. you are getting in enough water, nutrients, and urinating regularly. 

Bright Yellow to Amber

Bright yellow urine is not the color of your regular urine but is harmless nevertheless. It simply indicates the intake of certain vitamins which is alright if they have been prescribed by your doctor to address any health issues like a vitamin deficiency.


Brown colored urine could be a sign of severe dehydration and a serious liver condition. Do not confuse brown urine for bloody urine. It could also be due to the consumption of certain foods or medications but, get it checked to be sure. Brown urine can also be the result of melanoma skin cancer due to which skin pigments are disposed of by the body through the urine.

Red and Pink Urine

Red to pink urine can mean serious to non-serious urinary issues. It generally indicates blood in urine which you must get checked asap. Blood in urine could be indicating bigger problems like serious UTI, kidney infection, etc. Also, urine turns a reddish to pinkish tinge when you consume vegetables such as beetroot, rhubarb, etc.

Orange Urine

Orange urine indicates dehydration. So keep up the water intake. It can even be telling of more serious conditions related to your liver and bile duct. In other cases, something you ate which had food dye, or too many carrots. Certain drugs could also be causing your urine to look orange e.g. chemotherapy drugs, laxatives, etc.

Blue and Green Urine

Urine that is blue and green in color is uncommon. It is caused by a rare genetic disease in some cases and in others due to UTIs. It can also be caused by certain medications and certain foods. So keep a check on your medications and diet. Consult your doctors about the side effects of any medicines you have been prescribed.

Purple Urine

Purple urine is very rare in people and goes by the name ‘purple urine bag syndrome’. It only occurs in persons with prevailing urinary conditions who use a urinary catheter. 

Ways To Keep Your Urine Clear

These precautions will not only ensure your urine is clear but boost overall health as well. So whether or not your urinary tract is having problems, these precautions will ensure you are in the pink of health!

1. Drink Lots of Water

Water is a great detoxifier and hydrator not only for skin but for the entire body. Water is filtered by the kidneys and accumulates in the urinary bladder until we feel like relieving ourselves. So drinking water is super important if you want your bladder to be healthy. If we don’t get sufficient water intake, the bladder can become concentrated and breed bacteria. This can cause further complications like an increased need to pass urine, a burning sensation every time you pass urine, foul-smelling urine, and overall discomfort. In the long run, do make a habit of drinking enough water. Insufficient water intake can make you prone to more serious bladder infections and kidney stones which are extremely painful. Ensure drinking 10-12 glasses of water daily.

Also, remember that consuming cold water can cause some problems too.

2. Reduce Salt Intake

Too much salt leads to water retention. Secondly, salt is a mineral mainly made of sodium chloride which is associated with high blood pressure. If not controlled, sodium intake and high blood pressure can result in kidney damage. So cut down on instant foods, processed foods, and any other foods which are laden with sodium immediately!

3. Cut Down on Caffeine

We all love our tea and coffee but too much of anything is bad for health. High caffeine intake causes problems for the urinary bladder. These include dehydration of the bladder which automatically leads to UTIs and kidney infections. It also increases the need to urinate more often because caffeine acts as a diuretic. This means more urine is created by the body to pass urine out.

4. Don’t Control Urine

When you have to go, you have to go. Relieve yourself instantly when you feel the urge to urinate. Holding it in can put pressure on your bladder, make you uneasy and cause urine infections due to the build-up of bacteria. Over time, the habit of holding urine can weaken the bladder muscles which can result in future conditions like incontinence or the inability to empty the bladder fully. This can be very serious for your health.

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5. Clean Yourself Properly

After using the restroom, ensure you clean up properly after yourself. This ensures hygiene and reduces the chances of infections in private areas.

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Urinary problems can be serious and talking about them can help you identify any health risks early on. There is nothing to be embarrassed about even if you’re having urinary health problems. It is a natural process that shouldn’t make us cringe or feel ashamed. Remember, prevention is better than cure. If you’re facing any of these symptoms, visit your health practitioner right away.

Our goal is to help readers find solutions to daily health issues. If you liked this article, more health articles and be found here.

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  • Wow I never knew there were so many different urine colours, but I definitely will be looking out for them now! Such an important topic to talk about despite it being slightly taboo. When It comes to health, I think we should be encouraging speaking more openly and sharing information, which is why this is SO GREAT! Thanks for sharing and encouraging being more open with issues surrounding health.

    • Thank you for your positive comment! We are so glad that you understood the importance of health topics to be open to many people. We’ll do our best to provide more quality content like this in the future too!

  • It’s so important to talk about this topic and to raise awareness to it. Your urine can be such a profound indicator of underlying health problems. My dad read an article similar to this, noticed his urine was extra foamy, and after months of testing at the doctor found out he has lymphona. Luckily it’s early enough to make it more manageable, but he never would have known if he wouldn’t have approached his doctor about it

    • Wow, thank you for sharing the story with us! We’re very glad to hear that your father has found an issue and resolved it! Thank you for your kind comment!

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