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Preparing For The New Normal: Life After Covid-19

Preparing For The New Normal: Life After Covid-19

Preparing For The New Normal: Life After Covid-19

The COVID-19 is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in modern history. This disease took the world by surprise and in just a few short months it turned everything upside down. 

The COVID-19 is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in modern history. This disease took the world by surprise and in just a few short months it turned everything upside down.  Click To Tweet

Day-to-day activities like going to school/work, attending birthday parties, taking a jog in the park, or taking an uber to a friend’s place were brought to a halt. Most businesses were forced to shut their doors and public transport such as taxis, buses, airplanes, and ships came to a standstill. 

Wearing a mask became mandatory, and can be expected to continue for some time. Hugs and kisses from friends and lovers or handshakes from strangers are discouraged and persons are encouraged to practice social distancing.

Modern civilization has become so accustomed to certain luxuries and practices that having to change these things is a concept most of us haven’t fully grasped as yet. That’s why you’re here though, isn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s have a quick chat about what you can expect from life after COVID-19:

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Online Businesses Will Improve And Expand Operations

While most large companies already offered online shopping, many of their e-commerce platforms were underdeveloped. For this reason, Amazon, Alibaba, and others like it were able to dominate the e-commerce game long before this pandemic started. These companies focused on enhancing the shopping experience by making it super convenient and easy to understand, in the comfort of a customer’s home.

Since Covid-19,  businesses that depended on in-store purchases made a mad dash to upgrade their platforms, or create one if they didn’t have one before. This limited the need for human interaction and has allowed many companies to stay afloat. They have also noted changes in operating costs and many have expressed their intention to have some stores closed and continue with their online business.

You can expect online businesses to continue to grow and improve even after a vaccine is created. You can also expect improved customer experience and service.

More Online Classes

Online classes existed long before the coronavirus strolled into town, but definitely not to this extent. For starters, many courses that universities offered strictly face-to-face are now being offered online and materials have been produced to facilitate this purpose. 

Apps and websites for Kindergarten and Elementary students have been around as well but were marketed primarily to students who were homeschooled or needed a little extra help after school. Now, school administrations have launched their own online learning programs by either sending material to home or creating apps and websites for students to use. 

After this pandemic, you can expect this to continue. Courses that were considered impossible to teach from a distance will be available online, and persons can expect to see a decrease in their school-related expenses since there will be no housing fees or club fees, reduced course fees, no commuting costs and so on.

Increased Remote Work

Digital nomads aren’t new to the idea of remote work as they can carry out numerous functions from anywhere in the world, but the rest of the working world is.

Since COVID-19, persons have either been laid off or sent home to resume their tasks. This has proven to many of the naysayers that their office place can still be productive even when the majority of the workforce is at home. Many employers have since expressed their need to continue work-from-home programs even after the virus is under control. 

Employees also stand to benefit as they can reduce work-related expenses, especially commute, and can benefit from flexible work hours. After the virus has passed and persons start to go outside, you may see an increase in creative coworking spaces in your city where persons who do remote work go to for access to certain amenities such as high-speed internet and a productive atmosphere.

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Increased Investment In Healthcare

The coronavirus has brought healthcare to its knees in many regions and has highlighted discrepancies in others. The majority of hospitals were not prepared to handle a health crisis like this and as a result, treating these patients was more strenuous and painstaking than it needed to be.

Moving forward, you can expect some serious investment in health care. More hospitals and clinics will be erected in areas where facilities were lacking, and existing health care centers will benefit from upgrades in technology, increased staff, and greater training. Your health insurance company will perhaps remodel its policy to offer greater coverage in the event of another outbreak, and your doctor’s office may also remodel its facility to protect healthy patients from infected ones.

Improvement In Technology

To facilitate the above changes, technology will have to improve in all areas. Internet service providers will have to improve their infrastructure to facilitate more online traffic at tolerable speeds. You may start to see more companies rolling out 5G much sooner than expected to keep up with these demands.

You may start to see more advances in artificial intelligence to keep persons up to date and alert them more easily. There may also be added surveillance to assist in contact tracing potential carriers of the virus to prevent further outbreaks. 

At-home kits may soon become available at doctor’s offices, supermarkets and pharmacies so that persons will get faster results and ease the burden on the health care system. There has also been chatter of drones delivering anything from packages to pizzas since the technology already exists to do so, perhaps it will become more common sooner than was thought possible.

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Additional Travel Requirements

The coronavirus was able to spread as fast as it did to other countries because of air and sea travel. While a lockdown in China could have prevented it from spreading within the country, persons were already flying or sailing in and out of Wuhan daily.

Governments have been in talks about an immunity passport that will certify that a traveler is either immune to or vaccinated against  the coronavirus and others like it. The idea behind this is to limit the travel of persons who carry the disease to other countries to protect their population from the virus. 

Along with the usual checks and scans, you can expect to have your temperature checked at any sea or airport to detect any abnormal temperature which could prevent you from being allowed to travel. 

You can also expect travel bans and advisories in more countries if there is ever an outbreak there again to protect you and the citizens of the country from infection when you decide to return.

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Increased Public Sanitization And Education

You have probably seen those huge trucks on the road spraying the streets, or workers in protective equipment spraying sidewalks and benches to remove the virus from the air and surfaces. You can expect this to continue to control the spread of the coronavirus and other viruses in the future.

Hand washing and sanitization stations have been implemented on streets and in the front of buildings, so you can expect more to pop up even after we have passed this stage. 

Health campaigns that started to educate the public on what the virus is and how it spreads should be expected to continue to prevent something like this from happening again. Workplaces and schools may also have health care workers come in from time to time to inspect and educate workers and students on how to limit spread.

Focusing On The Positives, Looking To The Future

Nobody is trying to stop you from enjoying your life. The rules and regulations that have been put in place by the government on the advice of various health bodies are there to keep you and your loved ones safe.

By preparing yourself for the future, you are setting yourself up for productivity and prosperity. We will get through this together!

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